Miscellaneous References – Blue Gemini
















Military Manned Spaceflight Programs (History and Background):

“Into the Unknown Together - The DoD, NASA and Early Spaceflight” - Erickson - Air University Sep 2005

“A Miltary Man in Space - A History of the Air Force Efforts to Find a Manned Space Mission” – Killebrew, 1987


MC-130E Combat Talon:

PDF Download: “The Praetorian STARship: The Untold Story of the Combat Talon,” Colonel Jerry L. Thigpen, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, December 2001. The definitive unclassified reference concerning the MC-130E Combat Talon. Includes extensive information about the Fulton STAR (Surface to Air Recovery) system, as well as details of the 1970 Son Tay POW camp raid in North Vietnam and the 1980 Desert One catastrophe in Iran.


Fulton STAR (Surface-to-Air Recovery) System:

“Robert Fulton's Skyhook and Operation Coldfeet” - William Leary, Studies in Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, 1995

“Fulton Air-to-Ground Pickup System for Caribou Aircraft” - US Army Transportation Research Command - Feb 1964


Program 437:

DOWNLOAD LINK: “Shooting Down a Star: Program 437, the US Nuclear ASAT System, and Present-Day Copycat Killers,” Clayton K.S. Chun, Air University, April 2000